The Creative mind is the same. The Means are just different. A mouse in lieu of the Brush. Pixels rather than Paint. Digital Art has some Wonderful prospects. A fusion of Creativity and Technology - 16 million colors to choose from gives one flexibility Images, created with computer technology, in their essence zeros and ones.
Digital Art is the Art of the Computer Age.  Creativity knows no bounds and there could be no better way of expressing it than through Digital Art.

Huge strikes in technology have paved the way for a whole new Art Form. In the conventional form, creativity manifests itself through the paint and the brush while today, in this age of technological revolution, it happens through the mouse and other tools and software. That’s what Digital Art is all about.

The computer is just as valid an art medium as any other. Man’s creativity has been evolving and taking different shapes as he started honing his skills. At every stage of his life he has been using different tools and techniques to unleash his creativity. Besides the artworks themselves, even the tools and techniques give an idea of the lifestyles in those times. Sculpting easily among the earliest forms of art, involved giving shape to stone. Carvings on wood and stone were an integral part of the creative expression in the Stone Age and still an important art form today. These ancient art forms then gave way to newer ones like painting on walls with natural pigments and then on cloth and other media.  

Thus art has undergone a total metamorphosis and has evolved over the years. Each era has seen the evolution of a new art form and we now being in the Silicon Age are experiencing what is called Computer Art or Digital Art. Digital Art is as " real original hand-drawn" art.
Painting created from scratch, from a blank digital canvas. There is no less skill involved, and no less artistic judgment involved, than using traditional oil paint on a "real" canvas.  

Banning Digital Art is like banning pastels but allowing oil paint, like banning acrylic but allowing watercolor.